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Update on the upcoming trips as well as impressions from previous trips from World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers:

Emerging Digital Media
29 August – 4 September 2010
San Francisco, Washington, New York

Early bird rate available until 19 July!
Let yourself be inspired by the strategies of the big players and start-ups in the US market. Explore new opportunities for your business in:
– Online strategies,
– Mobile services,
– E-reading projects

Exchange ideas with your North American colleagues and with an international group of participants.

Planned visits and meetings:
– USA Today, New York Times, Adobe, Skiff, Yahoo, Illoop.com, San Francisco Chronicle, Skyrockit

Success Made in India
11 – 19 September 2010
Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur, New Delhi

Early bird rate available until 31 July!
India is home to some of the biggest media companies, many of them active in
print, digital, TV and radio. Learning from and getting inspired by
companies and personalities from within and outside the publishing industry,
who have access to a vast amount of intellectual and venture capital is an
eye-opener an can trigger major shifts in one’s own attitude and expand
one’s horizon.

– Learn about the latest developments in the Indian media and IT industry
– Experience refreshing approaches to multimedia journalism, product
development, mobile initiatives, attracting young and new readers, creating
new revenue streams and increasing print and digital advertising revenues
– Meet the Indian industry leaders at home and at WAN-IFRA Expo India
– Explore potential working partnerships, outsourcing and offshoring with
successful Indian media and IT partners

For programme and registration, please consult:

Upcoming Study Tours

New Concepts for Print Newspapers & Southern European Integrated Newsrooms
(WEF Study Tour)
6 – 9 July 2010, Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona (English)

Emerging Digital Media
29 August – 4 September 2010
San Francisco, Washington, New York (English)
Links: http://www.wan-press.org/wef/studytours.php

Success Made in India
11 – 19 September 2010, India (English)
Links: http://www.ifra.com/website/ifraevent.nsf/wuis/26E7038D9BD67277C125771A0044A1C0?OpenDocument&CS&E&

Latest Trends in Printing
27 September – 2 October 2010, Europe (English)

Successful System Implementations
27 September – 2 October 2010, Switzerland, Austria, Germany (German)
Links: http://www.ifra.com/website/ifraevent.nsf/wuis/43BF2DEC769D960CC1257718004FEDE4?OpenDocument&CS&E&

Cross Platform Advertising
17 – 23 October 2010, Europe (English)
Links: http://www.ifra.com/website/ifraevent.nsf/wuis/FB63CEEB7AB8B139C125762C00293643?OpenDocument&CS&E&

Why and how Nase Adresa is becoming the most important hyperlocal news
project worldwide

(WEF Study Tour)
3 – 5 November 2010, Prague (French, Spanish)
Links: http://www.wan-press.org/wef/studytours.php

The New Revenue and New Channel Innovations
SFN Study Tour
7 – 12 November 2010, Silicon Valley (English)
Links: http://www.wan-press.org/wef/studytours.php

Start-ups for News and New Storytelling Methods: Getting ideas and
making partnerships

WEF Study Tour
29 November – 3 December 2010, New York, Chicago (English)
Links: http://www.wan-press.org/wef/studytours.php

For more information, Download: www.wan-ifra.org/studytours

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