New LPDS Deadline: Feb 28

The Dr. Soetomo Press Institute (LPDS, Lembaga Pers Dr. Soetomo) has extended its journalism competition deadline from January 31 to February 28. LPDS, a Jakarta-based journalism school, is holding a Covering Climate Change (C3) competition. The prizes are travel fellowships and a field trip in  an in-country forest zone  early 2014.

1.     The C3 competition is open to Indonesian journalists nationwide.
2.     Contest participants send an original work on local climate change coverage published or broadcasted after January 31 2013. Print and online journalists can submit their entry to the LPDS by email. Radio and television news workers can despatch the transcript of their journalism piece by email.
3.     The competition is closed on February 28. Competition results will be announced March 15.


A.   Travel Fellowships. As many as 20 journalists can win a travel fellowship. The LPDS will undertake two travel felllowship cycles with 10 participants in each cycle. The 10 participants per cycle would each represent 10 different provinces/cities of origin.  A travel fellowship is of  10 days duration. Travel fellowship participants from the 10 provinces gather in Jakarta. Based on a draw, participants will be assigned to an alternate region (not their province of origin) to cover a local climate change issue.  Thus, a participant from province A could travel to province D to cover a local climate-related matter.  The participants would then return to Jakarta to write-up their  reporting. Their work would then be critiqued by their peers and the LPDS mentor team.

B.   Field Trip.  For 10 other competition winners, the LPDS organizes a field trip in a province concerned with climate change impact. The field trip lasts four days. Each field trip winner  represents one of 10 different provinces. The 10 winners gather in the capital of the province where the field trip takes place.  After a briefing, the 10 participants go to the field site where they will spend one night and two days.  The participants then return to their starting point to write up the results of their field reporting. The next day each participant presents his or her work for comment from their peers and the mentor team.

Competition participants will get a favorable chance to win a prize if their entries meet the following criteria:
1.     The topic is a local climate change issue.
2.     It is an original piece of work printed or broadcasted after January 31 2013. Original piece of work means actual work done by the participant and not by another person.   
3.     The work must be a reporting piece and not an opinion statement of the participant.
4.     The work should be a 600 to 800-word interpretative feature. An interpretative feature is a feature that explains the subject matter covered.
5.     The work should clarify the issue, impact, and solution.
6.     The work uses an effective lead.
7.     The work is compelling and has impact.
8.     Participants can send more than one entry to increase their chance to win a prize. Sustainable reporting is indicative of consistency in climate change coverage.  
9.     The participant’s byline appears on his or her work.

Mailing Address
Participants can send their journalism work by email to the LPDS server or    Google Mail (Gmail): or Please write on the covering letter: C3 Competition, name and position of the participant, name and address of the media.


Published in Berita LPDS